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Bust a Move for Breast Health™

Fifth and final Bust a Move for Breast Health™ ends on a high note 

Halifax, N.S. -- The fifth and final Bust a Move for Breast Health™ was an incredible celebration as the community came together and raised $331,490 (net) for the Breast Health Centre in Halifax.  

In addition, the Canadian Breast Canadian Foundation - Atlantic Region, wowed the crowd by announcing a significant contribution of $250,000 towards better breast health. That wonderful announcement, combined with the QEII Foundation and the IWK Health Centre Foundation each raising an additional $250,000 through generous community support, brought the 2014 breast health campaign to an amazing $1,081,490 (net). 

Hundreds of participants, sponsors and volunteers gathered at the Canada Games Centre to celebrate their success. Emcee Jeremy Webb kept participants motivated, while some of Nova Scotia’s best fitness instructors: Tracy Cipryk, Heather-Anne Bratty, Diane Bellefontaine, Melissa Millar, Mary Ann Zinck, Bobi MacKinnon, Sonji Esber, Dana Jacklyn and Lori Aucion, kept participants moving and grooving through six energetic fitness sessions. Local talent Big Fish, among others, provided music and entertainment throughout the day.

Bust a Move is a joint initiative of the QEII Foundation and IWK Health Centre Foundation. Since the Foundations joined forces to fundraise for breast health, over $5.04 million (net) has been raised for the new Breast Health Centre.

Dean Leland, volunteer chairperson of the homegrown fundraiser and Vice President, Cineplex Media, Atlantic, was beaming with pride. “This was an incredible day,” said Leland, “I am beyond proud of the success we had this year. It is an outstanding feeling to know the impact we have made for breast health in this province and the countless lives we have touched.”

Funds raised from Bust a Move 2014 will support the addition of dedicated patient care clinic rooms at the Breast Health Centre. These rooms are flexible, meaning that any breast health services team can use the space to support their patients' care. 

Construction began in January 2013 on the Centre, on the sixth floor of the IWK Health Centre. Some of the highlights that Bust a Move participants, sponsors, donors and volunteers have made happen include reducing wait times, bringing vital services and clinics together in one space, and purchasing technology advancements and equipment. 

Photos from Bust a Move 2014 can be accessed on our Facebook page.

Bust a Move events across Canada, and in Brisbane, Australia, will continue to support their own breast health initiatives in the future. 




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